Shoe and feet worship playing

Women who wear high heels and small dresses always attract the curious glances of people especially the masculine gente. This is precisely why Lorie puts it on a long-term basis. This young single mom is also a libertine who loves everything about sex. Divorced for a few months, she left the father of her child because she finally realized that the latter can not fulfill her expectations in terms of sex. She now sleeps on the left to satisfy her needs as a nymphomaniac.

A well prepared outing

It's Friday night and Lorie decides to put her most beautiful pairs of shoes: high heels! Not only do the latter show off his fatal female body but they also allow him to make his swaying well. In the nightclub, Lorie is the starlet. She makes a remarkable entry with her outfit. On the trail, she meets James, who will become his companion throughout the evening. Without waiting, the latter confesses to him his attraction and his sexual orientation. It's a fetishist who particularly likes women's shoes! Like all shoe fetish, he is attracted by the high heels that naturally give a sexy look to those who wear them.

Sex in the bathroom

The two sit on a little corner of the nightclub to get to know each other better. James fixed his eyes on the young mother's feet. His excitement rises to his head. He no longer wants to waste time and draws Lorie into the bathroom. He locked the door, took Lorie by the hips and made her climb on the lever. He started kissing her on the neck, mouth, chest, pussy and ended up with the tips of her feet. Because it's hot, Lorie does not wear tights. At the sight of his feet, James's rod became even steeper. He brings it into the wet slit of Lorie. The passage is clearly easy since it is as excited as the other. James holds it on his legs to better see his feet stretching with each stroke of the kidneys. He ended up coming into it.

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