Real slags and the art of gaping

The ultimate erotic treat to fill a man and show him this paradise on the other side of the seventh heaven, the blowjob is a concentrate of several pleasures that explode into one big and grandiose pleasure.

How about the sex anal?

Fellatio consists of stimulating the male sex using the mouth, tongue and lips, this male appendix to being rich in erogenous zones capable of a slew pleasure. To offer the oral cottage of the masculine attribute is not evident, and it is necessary to spoil in this intimate. Only on the condition that you absolutely have the desire and not for the unique pleasure of your partner. As always seen, when it comes to intimacy moment, to be attentive to the body of your partner: the thing is, there are something that your mouth doesn’t want to say so your body shows it because he doesn’t know to hide it. So try to make some vary movements and observe our tushy com channels to learn how to makes out of his control by jolting, sighing and whispers, screams or tremors are a signal of pleasure.

Those stupid bitch swallow sperm

This is not a shame that man likes that his partner pipe his cock and she gape it like a real ice cream. There is a priori no danger in swallowing sperm by following an ejaculation. This practice, called oral ejaculation, is for the man to ejaculate in the mouth of his or her partner, before he or she swallows sperm. But we all know that sperm is one of the fluids that allows the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. And the only protection is to put a condom, so if you have a doubt to the hygiene of your partner, use protector and don’t swallow it. Anyway, you have to know that the sperm contains in particular vitamin C and B12, as well as proteins with antibacterial properties. It is also rich in minerals such as potassium or magnesium. The proportions of these sperm nutrients changed, however it’s depending on the age and health status of the individual.

So yes, you get a real pleasure to play this cocks women and “tchin!” for this one spoon on sperm that you swallow when you want some energetic body.

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