Sex dolls are coming to the market and they are smart

Sex dolls have always been considered the best sex object ever conceived. Now, its manufacture has evolved and this doll has become a real-life companion and is no longer considered a sex gadget.

The place of the silicone doll

An adult website has made surveys on the frequentation of sex dolls and has noticed that it is mostly old people over 50 years who order these love dolls. At this age, the man has already lived a happy story with his deceased wife for example, or left her because he became unbearable, etc. A man who has already lived with a real woman and his children are already grown up and have their own life. He needs a friend, someone to share his worries with, etc., and since the doll is on order, he will caricature his wife. Other consumers are fat people who have no place in love in general. And maybe different people like homosexuals who don't dare to show themselves in public, so for them this doll will stabilize their life. Seen from this angle, even a small real doll will make good company of these people.   

Dolls have all the characteristics of a real person

Humanoid technology has enabled these silicone doll manufacturers to give the doll a brain. It has a reflex program like a human being, they express emotions, even feelings and they can find a reasonable answer to any type of question you ask. It can do the housework, the laundry, and has the ability to connect to your sophisticated devices. She manages the house better than a real person and you can easily adapt to your life rhythm with her. What she can't do is give birth, and maybe cry, or laugh, and sadness, etc.

Since she is the perfect woman, she deserves her place in our house, besides, she is very discreet, since she keeps quiet when we do not want her ideas, and she is not resentful.